Pool Liner Wrinkling

Our vinyl manufacturer has invested a great deal of time and money into discovering both the causes of wrinkling, and how to prevent it. Wrinkles that develop in swimming pool liners after installation are caused by the vinyl absorbing water and thereby changing dimensions. Testing has shown that high levels of chlorine or bromine will initiate excessive water absorption into the vinyl pool liner and lead to liner wrinkles. Low pH and cyanuric acid stabilizer are also factors in wrinkle formation because the activity level of the chlorine is affected by pH and stabilizer level.

Our experience has shown that the use of trichloroisocyanuric acid sanitizer (Trichlor) and low pH levels can cause wrinkling of your vinyl pool liner. Alkaline sanitizers (Hydochlorite) and non-chlorine sanitizer systems have been found to be safer to use with vinyl pool liners.


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