Pacific Pools FAQ

What is a Pacific Pool?

A Pacific Pool is an engineered-polymer inground pool system that uses the highest-quality components designed by a U.S. company with more than 50 years of experience with inground swimming pool component manufacturing and design. There are tens of thousands of Pacific Pool installations in the U.S. — each of them providing homeowners and families with recreation, relaxation and health.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary based on the homeowner's needs. Each pool is priced based on its shape, size, depth, accessories required and construction issues. Think of it like a home remodel. — the cost will vary depending on what your needs are and how basic or elaborate you want it to be. The only difference, however, are the physical aspects of the building site and what must be done to accommodate a pool and the area surrounding it. Grading, tree removal, retaining walls, etc., can usually be coordinated by your builder, but may add to the cost.

The best way to price your pool is to talk to a Pacific Pools Showcase Builder who can help you select the pool that best meets your family's needs and provide you with a written estimate.

Your Showcase Builder will give you a good idea of what you can expect during installation and help prevent unwanted surprises.

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We have also partnered with LightStream to offer the best financing around for your dream oasis.

Who will build it?

A carefully selected Pacific Pool Builder will install your Pacific Pool. This is a builder who understands the components of our system and can provide you with the sort of on-site construction expertise and attention to detail that you deserve. Only a Showcase Builder is authorized to build a Pacific Pool.

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What is a Showcase Builder?

Simply put, Showcase Builders are among the top swimming pool builders in the country. A Showcase Builder is experienced, trained and thoroughly familiar with Pacific Pool component technology, on-site construction and design.

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What are my size and shape choices?

If you can dream it, we can design and build it!

At Pacific Pools, we know that not every pool owner wants the same size or shape, so we have created the ultimate in flexibility through custom designs and added features. From the very basic, to the very elaborate, we can do it. The only limit is your imagination.

What maintenance will it require?

Like any room in your house, your pool will need periodic attention to keep it looking great. The choices you make when designing your pool can keep maintenance low. Be sure to ask your builder for choices regarding filter and skimming systems, automatic pool cleaners and water sanitation options. The good news is that with the latest advancements in technology, a pool has never been easier to maintain. Your pool should require no more than 1 hour per week to maintain, leaving the other 167 hours for fun and enjoyment!

How much energy will it require?

Your pool will require some energy to maintain. Primarily, you will need to run the pool's electric pump a certain amount of hours per day to cycle the water through the pool's filter. The good news is that there have been tremendous advances in energy-saving pool pumps in recent years, so be sure to ask your builder about your choices.

The other issue will be whether or not you choose to purchase a heater for your pool. Most pool owners choose to have a heater installed because it can dramatically increase their use of the pool. Meanwhile, they can still decide whether or not to use it in a given month once installed. Gas or electric heaters will have use-associated costs, which your builder can provide.

Be sure to ask what other energy-saving features your builder recommends.

Where can I find a Pacific Pool Builder near me?

You can visit the Builder Locator page on this site for the builder nearest you.

What kind of service will I receive from my Pacific Pools Builder?

Your Pacific Pools Showcase Builder is a recognized industry leader. He or she is ready to provide you with a complete service program, answering questions or alleviating any concerns along the way. Rest assured that your Showcase Builder is trained in the latest service methods and is up to date on information available to support you and your Pacific Pool — today and in the years to come.

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How long will my pool last?

The structure of your Pacific Pool will last a lifetime if properly installed and constructed on site. It was designed that way! The pool's interior vinyl liner and safety cover are the only components that will require replacement at some point. Liner replacement is easily achieved and very economical compared to refurbishment of other pool surfaces such as gunite or gelcoat.

Best of all, your Pacific Pool has an unmatched warranty that verifies the above.

What is the warranty?

Your Pacific Pool comes with a lifetime transferable warranty on its major components. This means that not only is your pool warranted from component defects for as long as you own the pool. The same lifetime warranty also covers any future owners of your home — smoothing out potential concerns while your home is for sale. At Pacific Pools, we pride ourselves in providing complete peace of mind for you and whomever you choose to sell your home to.

Your Pacific Pool lifetime warranty covers the wall panels, braces and steps. Your vinyl liner and safety cover will periodically need to be replaced; however, they carry one of the best warranties in the industry — a 5-year full and 20-year prorated transferrable warranty.

A warranty is only as sound as the company behind it, and Pacific Pools has been in business serving our customers, and standing behind our warranty, for over 50 years .

What accessories are available?

We offer a multitude of accessories with our pools. Your Pacific Pools Showcase Builder can help you decide and prioritize what is best for you and your budget. When planning your pool, just make a list of accessories you might like — including lighting, water features, safety covers, automatic cleaning systems, water sanitation programs and deck options. When your wish list is complete, your Pacific Pool builder can give you estimates for each or for all!

What are the key components of a Pacific Pool that make it unique?

The most important thing that differentiates a Pacific Pool is that it is an engineered pool. The materials, components, braces and accessories have all been designed to work together to provide a monolithic, stable, inground structure to help your pool last a lifetime. All components, including the wall panels, braces, coping, steps and liner are designed by Pacific Pool engineers.

Most importantly, these components are all backed by one company. This is far from the case with many competitive pool systems and installations where a variety of components from a variety of companies are used.

Our most prized technology is the material we designed to make our inground wall panels. This component is extremely important because of the changing pressures and weather conditions it faces underground. Graphex is the name we have given to this technology. We invented it, patented it and have used in the manufacture of these panels for many, many years. Graphex is a special recipe of engineered polymer resins we developed, drawing on our years of experience, to best withstand the sort of extremes found in pool wall installations.

A Graphex pool wall system from Pacific Pools is, quite simply, the best choice available, and offers a Pacific Pool owner the ultimate in peace of mind in their pool structure.

We are one of the few manufacturers that manufacture all components to construct a swimming pool including the pool wall systems, braces, coping, liners, steps and safety covers. We are the only swimming pool manufacturer that has ICC approval.

How long does installation take?

That will vary based on a variety of factors. Once the components are delivered to the job site and construction commences, if there are no weather delays, pool installation can usually be accomplished within two weeks. Landscaping, fencing, etc., are usually completed after the pool is installed, and will add to the total project completion. All of this will vary, of course, depending on how basic or elaborate the actual pool project is.

As with any work of this size and scope, you must prepare yourself ahead of time for factors that you and your Pacific Pool builder will simply not be able to control once the paperwork is signed and the project commences. These include weather and inspection delays — sometimes from projects that must be completed before the crew can begin work on your pool. Patience is key, but the bottom line is that the sooner you commit to a design and builder, the sooner the pool will be completed.

You can learn more about the process here.

How do I get started and what is the process?

First, contact your Pacific Pools Showcase Builder and let them know of your interest. They will arrange a visit to your property and the process begins at that point. They will take note of your area and will be able to make some recommendations, but this is also where you will be able to describe your ideas for creating the pool of your dreams. This is really where the fun, and the dreams begin!

Next, your builder will take the information you have given them and, along with their recommendations and experience, develop a proposal and an estimate to build your pool.

When you are comfortable with it, your commitment to the builder and their proposal gets the ball rolling. Your backyard will transform from what it is today, to a complete construction site, to a finished and beautiful backyard oasis with the Pacific Pool of your dreams to enjoy for a lifetime!

So if you want to transform your backyard into an oasis of family fun, relaxation, entertainment, healthy living and wellness, why not start the process today?

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