Our History

50+ Years of Swimming Pool Innovation

50-years-pacific-pools-vinyl-liner-poolsFor over 50 years, Pacific Pools has been the leader in the inground swimming pool industry. Founded in 1956 by Merrill Laven, father of our current President and CEO, Mark Laven, Pacific Pools started as a home improvement products and vinyl-lined, wood-wall pools company, under the name Pacific Pools.

Each decade brought change and Pacific Pools remained focused on providing customers with the absolute best products available through research and development, dedication and integrity, and an innovative and pioneering spirit.

We have since grown to be largest manufacturer of in ground packaged pool components in North America. From our Graphex wall and brace system and innovations in vinyl liner pattern design, to our new step options and safety covers, Pacific Pools continues to lead the way, always looking forward.

Your family deserves the very best. Your family deserves a Pacific Pool!

The Company Timeline


1956 : Pacific Pools Founded
1960 : Pacific Pools began product design and manufacturing
1966 : Introduced steel walk-in pool steps
1975 : Introduced all-resin inground pool
1992 : Patented thermoplastic steps with TES (Total Encapsulated Support) technology
1994 : Introduced first 3D liner patternsoffering realistic tile images for liners
1998 : Began safety cover production
1999 : Patented INVIS-A-DRAIN™ drainage system for solid safety covers
2002 : Acquired Triac Pool Products
2003 : Acquired Kafko Manufacturing
2004 : Acquired Fort Wayne Pools
2004 : Introduced wedding cake step allowing for elegant, uninterrupted vinyl-over patterns
2005 : Acquired Viking Pools
2005 : Introduced TruTile / Ceramic Tile Mount combining the beauty of tile with the low maintenance of a vinyl liner
2005 : Patented Reduced Deck Mount System for safety covers
2006 : Acquired Coverstar automatic safety covers
2010 : Sold 100,000th safety cover
2010 : Acquired Blue Hawaiian Pools
2010 : Introduced 'U' tube polymer deck support
2011 : Introduced thermoplastic modular step system
2011 : Introduced SureFit bead and coping system
2011 : Acquired Trilogy Pools
2012 : Acquired Royal Fiberglass Pools
2012 : Introduced the Coverstar Safety Covers Mobile App for real-time quoting
2013 : Introduced Ultra-Seam™ process making liner floor seams stronger and virtually invisible
2013 : Introduced rigid polymer panels that reduce potential warping and bowing
2013 : Introduced WiFi touch pad for automatic safety covers


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